Ep 1. Meet Natalie Barbu- Engineer, Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Full Time YouTuber

Welcome to the very first episode of The Real Reel Podcast with Natalie Barbu.

In today's episode Natalie talks about her story on how she got to where she is today. Natalie started making her YouTube videos in high school, before being an "influencer" was a real job. That word was not yet in the dictionary yet. She then went off to college to pursue a degree in Industrial Engineering. All while still growing her personal brand and continuing to make YouTube videos. After college, she started her own online store- and also, got a regular job post-college to work for one of the largest consulting companies.

Listen in to hear her journey. 

Photo of Natalie in Seventeen magazine (2012):

Natalie's first youtube ever (2011):




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