Ep 9. From Business to Photographer and Finding Your Passion ft. Grant Stemler

In today's episode of The Real Reel Podcast, Natalie interviews Grant Stemler, a photographer based in Miami, Florida who took a not-so-ordinary path to get to where he is today.  Grant started off as business major at the University of Florida. He never considered working the creative field when going to college and no one in his family worked into a creative industries. So when Grant decided to buy a camera and pursue photography, it was a very random transition. What started as a hobby and something he was curious to learn turned into finding his passion and his dream job. He took on a bunch of random jobs from selling insurance to managing a co-working space until he got a job doing what he loved, photography. 

Grant now works as a full-time photographer and in this episode we talk about his path to get to where he is today, what being a photographer is really like- so if you're one of those people who think its an easy  job or anyone can do it- listen to this episode. We also talk about his favorite parts of his jobs, long term goals, building his personal brand, and also what it is like working with influencers as a photographer. 

If you are curious about the business of photography or just want to see how someone in their early twenties discovered their passion AFTER college graduation, then keep on listening.

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