Ep 8. Sliding into DMs to Land Your Dream Career, Moving to NYC without a Job, and Tips on Post-Grad

In todays episode, I interview my friend and overall girlboss- Madison White! She is a freelance photographer, works at a PR agency, and also helps out with a fellow NYC influencer. And she got all of these opportunities the unconventional way. She got these opportunities and landed her dream jobs through Instagram. Yup, she slid in the DMs. We talk about how she moved to NYC and how she decided New York was the right place for her, how she found a job and what did and didn't work in her job search, and the realities of living in NYC as a twenty-something woman. (The rumors are true- dating is hard!) 

Listen and take some notes for how you can score your dream job and live in the city that never sleeps! 

Madison on her way to work in NYC:

Madison's photography work:

Follow Madison's IG: @itsmadisonlane

Follow Madison's photography IG: @madisonlanephoto

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