Ep 7. How to Make Money as a YouTuber: EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Today we are talking about a job I am very familiar with. I have been doing YouTube for 7 years now and it definitely has changed a lot. When I started I don’t even think Adsense was a thing. I don’t even know if Google had owned YouTube yet. You could not make money off of it, and the term “influencer” or “YouTuber” were not yet a thing.

I have looked up countless of articles on how YouTubers make money, how influencers make money, etc. because I am curious on what others have to say about it. And let me tell you- the numbers are off. Influencers are getting paid way more what the numbers say.

I feel like I have some knowledge in the area of youtube and how to make money. I am making a livable wage off of it which is insane. Never would I have believed that at 22 I could be doing what 15 year old me started. I am so blessed and so thankful. And because of that, I want to be transparent. I want to tell you how much you can make and how to make it. So if you are wanting to become a YouTuber, or just curious on how we make money… keep listening.


- Google Adsense

- Brand Deals/Sponsorships


- Affiliate Marketing


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- YouTube Managers


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