Ep. 62: A Conversation About Black Lives Matter, Being Anti-Racist, and What This Week Has Shown

This week we have our first recurring guest, Jada Jones! She is a teenager, content creator, dancer, actress, and activist. She has been protesting for Black Lives Matter since 2016 and I am so excited to have her on to talk about the events that unfolded this past week, the protests, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the change she hopes happened. I hope this episode makes you feel like you're just sitting and chatting with a friend. 

I hope this week shows that we have a lot to learn and we need to take a second to listen. Have these conversations, educate yourself, and hold your friends accountable. 

Now go show Jada some love check out her amazing content. 

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Jada's podcast: HighKey Adulteen

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Here are more places to donate:  Justice for George Floyd petition: Justice for Breonna Taylor:  Arrabon (equips Christian leaders to engage in racial reconciliation within the church):

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