Ep. 50: Taking Your Mental Health Seriously, Going to Therapy, and Ending the Stigma

In today's episode of The Real Reel Podcast with me, Natalie Barbu, I interviewed Allyssa Dziurlaj. Allyssa is a mental health counselor from Ohio. In this episode Allyssa gives so much information on therapy in general and ways to cope with stress. We also talk about self care, the stigma surrounding therapy and if online therapy is something to consider or not. This episode gives so much amazing insight on a topic not everyone talks about. This episode is one of my favorites and I know you will love it just as much as I do! Follow Allyssa on IG: Psychology Today Website: Where can you find us? Natalie's IG: @nataliebarbu IG: @therealreelpodcast Join the private Facebook Group Become a supporter:

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