Ep 5. How an 18-year old broke into the fashion designing world and started a clothing line

Zoey Reva is a lifestyle clothing brand that gets its influences from the warm Miami city. Meet Zoey- the creator of Zoey Reva. She started this clothing brand the day after her senior year finals in high school at only 18 years old. Zoey had zero experience in the fashion world. She is 100% self-taught fashion designer. She learned by doing and she learned along the way.

She started Zoey Reva as a wholesale brand where she would design the clothing and sell it to boutiques and department stores across the country. As her vision changed, she wanted to become closer to her customers. So she completely switched her business plan- she was going to sell direct to consumer. Now, Zoey Reva is a lifestyle brand that talks to their customers and sells affordable and timeless pieces.

Listen to this episode to hear her story and learn a few business lessons that Zoey learned along the way.

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