Ep 4. Being a Middle School Teacher at 23- Facing Your Fears, Doing What You Are Called To Do, and

The world- and your social media feeds- are all full of everyone’s highlight reels. But in this podcast, I want to expose real life, real people, real jobs, and the real reel. Today, I wanted to bring a very special guest- a 7th grade teacher. I am so excited for you to hear this episode about the real life of a teacher and learn some things you might not know about this very under-recognized profession. Get ready to reflect, laugh, and learn!

Meet my best friend, Katy- who also happens to be a middle school teacher. She graduated college from UNC Charlotte with a degree in English. She is one of the kindest people I know with a huge heart and definitely one of my only friends who has the patience to deal with middle schoolers. Katy did not originally plan to teach. She did not even go to college for it. Until one day, she had a quarter-life crisis and realize she was not where she needed to be. So she deferred her grad school, switched up her career, packed her bags and moved to the Dominican Republic to teach. She did not have any experience besides tutoring and she didn't even speak the language- but she found her calling. To become a teacher.

She now teaches 7th grade English in Charlotte, NC and here is her story...

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