Ep 3. All About Grad School: Differences Between Undergrad and Grad School, What it is Really Like

There are so many different paths to choose from once you graduate college. Do I move to a new city? Do I move back home to save money? Should I enter the workforce? Should I go to grad school? It can be daunting. In today’s episode, I bring on someone very close to me- my cousin! She has been in a few videos of mine and is always open to giving advice and sharing her story so I thought she would be the perfect guest to have on the podcast. 

She is a 23 year old grad student at the University of Florida. She is studying to become an Occupational Therapist and is already almost done with her masters degree! 

In this episode we talk about why grad school was the right path for her, how she really feels about it now that she is almost done, and debunking and proving true some common myths about it. 

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