Ep. 20 Being A High Schooler Today, Choosing Not To Go To College, and Chasing Your Dreams At 17

In today's episode of The Real Reel Podcast, I interview Jada Jones- a 17 year old BOSS. She is graduating high school a year early to pursue her creative passions in dance, theatre, and the arts. She has her own YouTube channel, podcast, and teaches dance classes. Her unconventional path to not go to college is only the beginning of everything she will achieve! I can't wait for you to listen to all of Jada's advice. 

We talk about what high school is like in 2019 with social media being so prevalent, what her plans are after high school, and how she plans on going after her dreams at only 17 years old. 

Jada's Instagram: @jadajonesss

Jada's YouTube: Jada Jones

Jada's Podcast: HighKey AdulTeen

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Natalie's IG: @nataliebarbu

IG: @therealreelpodcast

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