Ep. 18 What Guys Really Think About Girls... Interviewing my Two Male Friends

Welcome back to The Real Reel podcast with Natalie Barbu! In today's episode, I interview my two friends- Jason and Dan. I asked you on my Instagram to ask me any questions you had for these guys and you came through with tons of good questions. I had so much fun and laughed- a lot- recording this episode. 

We talk about girls making the first move, guys using pick up lines and whether or not they know when they are being creepy (or douchbags!), what are their dealbreakers when it comes to dating, plus a whole lot more. It was an entertaining and lighthearted episode picking their brains and hearing their answers to your questions. 

Also, please note- these are some random people's opinions and should not change the way anyone views themselves! Or you shouldn't take these seriously. :)

Hope you enjoy the episode! 

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