Ep 11. Moving Across the Country at 18, Not Going Straight to College, and Becoming a Doula

In today’s episode of The Real Reel podcast with Natalie Barbu, I interviewed a doula - Ariana Martinez. We talk about her life, how she got to where she is today, and looked into the life of a doula! Ariana did not take the most “conventional” path right out of high school, but her adventures and unique journey have turned her into the special person that she is today. She has lived in North Carolina, California, and Chicago but made her way back home. She takes us through her life journey this far and shares some pivotal lessons she learned.

We also dive into the business side of her career, from how she gets hired, to the services she provides, up until what she does after the birth. Listen in on this episode to hear her story and learn about the ins and outs of being a doula! 

Follow Ariana: @arianaclaire

Her business: @ceremonia.healing 

Doula Business (Ceremonia Birth and Healing) owned by Ariana and Jessica- her partner doula. 

Where can you find us? 

IG: @therealreelpodcast

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