Ep 10. What It Is Like Working for a Successful YouTuber & Breaking into the Entertainment Industry

Welcome to episode ten of The Real Reel Podcast with me, Natalie Barbu. In today’s episode, I interview my friend, Taylor King. Also known as TK from TK’s Juicy Pod. Her job is something that would not have existed a few years ago. She is the Production Coordinator for the incredibly successful YouTuber, Alisha Marie. Not only are her and Alisha friends, but she works side-by-side with her and helps her brainstorm video ideas, get setup to film, and make her videos come to life. At only 21 years old, she has her dream job.

Taylor is from Indiana and left for LA at 18 to attend college and get a degree from FIDM. She previously worked at CBS, made tons of connection along the way, and now she works for Alisha. We talk about what it is like to work for a YouTuber and the behind the scenes of creating and producing a YouTube video, having your boss be one of your best friends, and how to get into the entertainment industry.

I hope you love this episode with the super bubbly and incredibly hard working Taylor King! Be sure to check out her Instagram to participate in her very juicy polls and then hear her discuss them with her fun guests on her podcast.

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